About Us

The Catholic Institute for Development, Justice and Peace (CIDJAP) is a social organ of the Catholic Church, committed to the implementation of the Catholic social teaching.

It was registered in Abuja as number 7461 by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a non-governmental, non-profit, research and development organization.

This organization which started in 1986, from a lowly background has grown to be top of the list as an example of a success story in the arena of integral human development. It has evolved rapidly from modest beginnings to become one of Nigeria’s foremost and easily one of the most versatile, dynamic, effective and patently credible NGOs in Nigeria.

It is classified as the best example of providers of grassroots emancipation and holistic human development.

Through its numerous projects in the area of education and child sponsorship/scholarship programme, prison and human rights struggle, primary health care and general health provision, housing and community development initiatives, micro-credit and loans portfolio, democracy monitoring and good governance projects, caritas and social assistance for the indigent and the downtrodden of the society, conflict resolution and peace-building, Muslim-Christian dialogue, corporate social responsibility, women and youth’s rights and HIV/AIDS, it has touched the lives of millions of people by relentlessly pursuing its tripartite causes of Justice, Development and Peace.

These virtues have been the ideals to which we have been committed and by which we are driven. We have maintained a clear focus which is to serve the needs of our people.

CIDJAP is recognized by many local, national and international agencies and organizations. Our motto is: “If you want peace work for justice”.

Our logo is a map of Africa showing two hands shaking one another – a symbol of hope, openness to dialogue and friendship, sign of solidarity.

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