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About Caritas

Caring for the poor has always being part of the mission of the church. The Caritas desk since inception in 1996 has put smiles on the faces of many orphans, widows, disabled, poor, sick, needy, destitute, war victims, displaced persons by the delivery of healthcare services, hospital bills, financial grants as well as emergency relief supplies of food, medicine and clothing.

The Caritas desk of CIDJAP is on the forefront of reaching out to these members of our society.

This office attends to the needs of various groups on daily basis raging from giving out food items to the hungry, paying hospital bills, paying of house rent, beginning small scale businesses for some poor people especially women, etc.

The Director of CIDJAP has saved nothing in seeing that the poor in our society are uplifted in body and soul.

The Catholic diocese of Enugu supported this office with the sum of Five hundred thousand naira (N500,000.00) and food items; namely yams, rice, beans, abacha, garri and toilet tissue during the cathedraticum.

The office also received the support of a good-spirited woman who would want to remain anonymous. She donated cartons of beverages, bags of rice, cartons of biscuits, juice and pieces of wrappers to the office.

With all these support, Caritas desk of CIDJAP has being able to put smiles on the faces of many poor people. But it all seems like scratching the mountain. Some of the outstanding cases undertaken by this office within the past new months include:


She is 5 years and has a congenital problem. Her bones are very soft and cannot carry the weight of her body. Her bones break at the slightest provocation.

Recently, she was placed on traction for 2 weeks and is now having POP which she will carry for 8 weeks. With the help of CIDJAP, a Tricycle was got to enhance her mobility.


She is a woman of over 60 years who had uterine prolapse. She recently underwent surgery at the Colliery Hospital, New market which cost N100,000.00. She has recovered and has been discharged. This was achieved with the help of the annual Lenten fast paid to Caritas Department in CIDJAP.

She needs to recuperate and needs to eat nutritious food. She cannot do this yet due to lack of funds. CIDJAP paid all her bills while in the hospital.

It is a surprise how that could happen to her who had 4 children and is old now. Her last child is not less than 30years. Anyway, I guess a lot of things that happen in life cannot be explained. Many things remain mysteries to us.



was born physically challenged. With the help of the services of the Caritas Desk in CIDJAP, she got mobility aid from the Austrian Centre for Social Welfare, Thinker’s Corner, Enugu. On the said day, she came and after interacting with her, she was taken to the social Centre where suitable mobility aid was chosen for her.

She practiced a few times with it and soon got used to it. I could not imagine how she would get to Udi that day with her wooden walking sticks and this tricycle. I went in the company of a Seminarian. At home, she gave us all she could lay hands on.



She seems to have cancer on her gums. Her teeth have fallen one after another until very few are left now. She lives in pain. She has no funds for surgery or her drugs which cost N15,000.00 at University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, (UNTH) Ituku-Ozalla.

CIDJAP has bought drugs for her but due to lack of funds did not continue. Nneka needs our help to buy her drugs so that she can stay longer.


Generally, it is both enriching and emotionally challenging to work with the poor. It is enriching and pacifying to see a smile on a once tear-filled face and a difference made in the life of the person in question. It is also challenging when a case seems hopeless or one dies in ill-health.

It is noble to work with the poor and to donate generously for their welfare. There are a lot of genuine poor people around us who need our help. The call is for us to help them in whatever way we can.

Caritas Department 2012 Update

Within the months of the year 2012 ended, the Caritas department has been pro-occupied with helping the poor and meeting them at their different points of need.

The department has clusters of persons who are suffering ill health and are hospitalized. There are also those who are without food and cloth, those who need financial support to start up something for family support.

Prominent among the health cases supported by the Caritas department of CIDJAP are;

  • an amputee man of 26 years who was seen through medication and has been admitted into the university to study and develop the self for a better future
  • a woman with intestine problem who was operated upon and the bills paid while she is recovering in good health and
  • a child of 6 years with a hole in the heart whose case is yet being followed.

However, Caritas department has a record of 338 clients who come to her for one form of financial or material help/support.

There are numerous others who are not on record because they take advice and counseling from the Reverend Sister Onyinyechukwu Ezejesi who is in charge of the department.

The Caritas department involved herself in several other issues which included;

  • Cathedraticum wherein some food items given to the Bishop of the Diocese are shared to the destitutes and peasants who need help
  • Lenten fast, a medium of small collections for helping the poor and wretched of the society
  • Caritas week, an annual week’s programme for identifying with the poor and those in need in the Dioces
  • Deanery meetings where the social welfare network of the Diocese is brought together to assist in the services to the poor and needy in the Diocese.


President –
Vice President –


Rouben Houston

Rouben Houston

General Manager of Charitas

Rouben Houston

Rouben Houston

General Manager of Charitas

Rouben Houston

Rouben Houston

General Manager of Charitas

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