Chidlren Sponsorship

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About Children’s Sponsorship

The Sponsorship Programme
CIDJAP began its children’s Sponsorship programme in 1987. Many bright children in Nigeria drop out of school due to their family’s inability to pay their school fees. They, therefore, have no opportunity to develop their abilities and are denied the access to opportunities that education provides, thus their bright futures are not realized.

The Sponsorship programme was started to try and support some of these children through their education. Many students have already benefited from this programme and completed their secondary school education. Some have managed to progress to University or Colleges of education and others are now working. There are many more promising children who could benefit form this scheme and CIDJAP’s Sponsorship Desk always has a long waiting list.

Who is sponsored?
The children sponsored are frequently from poor rural families or orphans. Many rural families are simply too poor to afford the cost of school fees. Children in need of sponsorship usually directed to the CIDJAP desk through their local parish priest.

Before sponsoring a child CIDJAP considers the level of need as well as the educational promise of the child. Many children may have attended primary school intermittently or have been in education before loosing their father or being orphaned. So the sponsorship desk discusses the child’s educational attainment with their school teachers and looks at their results.

One Child On The Programme
Ogochckwu Nwankwo is 8 years old. She has been part of the children sponsorship programme for 2 years. She is an extremely bright student whose favourite subjects are English, Igbo and Social Studies. She says she wants to be a doctor.

One Adult Who Benefitted From The Programme
Janet Nkemdirim Ogbozor is now 29. Following the death of her father she was sponsored by the programme through primary school, secondary school and through her two year computer training course.

Since completing her training Janet has worked as a computer secretary first in a barrister’s office and then for a doctor. She is now a computer clerk at Bufa Investment Company.
Janet still supports her younger sister who has just completed secondary school and takes care of her mother, paying for her medical and other necessities. Sponsoring Janet has enabled her to support not just herself but also her family.

How Can You Sponsor A Child
What does it cost?
The sponsorship pays for the children and young people’s school or college fees. The annual cost of sponsorship therefore depend on the level at which they are studying. The Table below gives a guide to the yearly cost of sponsorship.

Naira Euro Dollar Sterling
Primary 10.000.00 55 90 45
Secondary 16,500.00 90 140 70
Tertiary 26,000.00 140 225 115

Normally CIDJAP asks sponsors to pay their sponsorship annually. It is however possible to pay the fees on a termly basis and if you would prefer to donate on tri-yearly basis this also can be arranged through contacting the children’s Sponsorship Coordinator.

How Much Is Spent On Administration
We try to keep administration costs to a minimum and usually these do not exceed 10% of the money sponsors donate.

What feed back will you get?
We know that sponsors like to know how the students they are assisting develop. You will receive letters form the students, school reports and other feedback at last three times a year.

How to Become a Sponsor
To become a sponsor all you need to do is e-mail us or apply through our website. We will then send you information about the children in need of sponsorship so that you can select who to support. Many church groups also sponsor a number of children and we are very interested in setting up further links with church groups.

Children Sponsorship/ Education 2012 Update

The desk of the Children Sponsorship/Education Programme of the Institute which is run under the charge of Mrs. Julie Okenwa, has been a very busy one within the year under review.

This department takes care of all the children whose education is in the care of CIDJAP.

The department has 410 children who received sponsorship from CIDJAP Sponsorship desk in the year under review.

These children are spread in the Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels of education.

Great thanks go to the supporters and sponsors of these children spread all over Europe, America and Africa. No small thanks go to:

  • Marrianne and Klaus Kohlpaintner (representing Tettenweis Parish)
  • Binias family (representing Kelkheim Parish)
  • Nobert and Stephanie Fraugenberg
  • Meggy Kantert
  • Victor Umeh
  • Cichy Kinger
  • Dagmar Shmitt
  • And a host of others who would rather remain anonymous in preference.


President –
Vice President –


Rouben Houston

Rouben Houston

General Manager of Charitas

Rouben Houston

Rouben Houston

General Manager of Charitas

Rouben Houston

Rouben Houston

General Manager of Charitas

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