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About Information & Communication

The Institute is a proud provider of Internet and its Cyber Café offers internet and email services to members of the public.

The centre for youth education and access to internet and computer information programme provide information and communication technology to the youths who access the internet, computer education and communication network.

The centre operated as Verbum Network CIDJAP manages the wireless internet equipment and a Cyber Café with more than ten work stations from where people access any part of the world by telephone or email.

The project which gulped more than five million naira was sponsored by Misereor, Germany with local counterpart funding from the Institute.

The CIDJAP Internet café patronized by the youths of Enugu and environs provides a forum for the sharing of information, cultivation of virtue and development of talents and computer literacy.

At the CIDJAP Internet Café, the youths get the opportunity to reduce the digital divide, promote healthy integral computer education and information sharing about world, gaining access to the electronic mail and its services, receiving training, doing research and benefiting from library services.

Focus On Verbum CIDJAP Network:

Verbum-CIDJAP Networks is an Information and Communication Technology services company and Internet Service Provider (ISP) licensed by the Nigerian Communication Commission.

As a corporate organization, Verbum-CIDJAP Networks believe in providing affordable and innovative services that creates an innovative edge for the populace.

At Verbum-CIDJAP Networks we constantly embark on research and development initiatives, so as to add value to the services we provide as well as meet the ever growing ICT needs of our clients.

Over the years, the clientele of Verbum-CIDJAP Networks has consistently grown to include educational, religious, private and corporate organizations, as well as government and non-government organization (NGOs).

At the heart of Verbum-CIDJAP Networks lies a family of highly motivated professionals with direct knowledge of industries trends and standards, and a wide range of experience and recognizable management skills.

The services we undertake at Verbum CIDJAP Network include:

  • Wireless internet service
  • VSAT installation
  • Website and web portal development
  • Software development
  • Voice over Internet Protocol
  • IP Network design and installation
  • Computer hardware supplies and installation
  • Corporate and personal ICT training

Pro-Life, Child Life and Orphanages 2012 Update

Pro-life, child-life and the orphanages is a humanitarian service department of CIDJAP which campaigns for the protection of the lives of born and unborn children through counseling session for teenage pregnant girls and provision of medication to fight killer diseases in children.

The department has a number of volunteer doctors and nurses, men, women and youth both in Nigeria and abroad who volunteer assistance in care of the children who are resident in the orphanages.

Within the year under review, the Guardian Angel Motherless Babies Home at Emene has about 55 children who are housed there under the care of the Daughters of Mary Mother of Mercy (DMMM).

The Holy Child Motherless Babies Home at Holy Ghost houses 78 children who are feed, clothe and reside therein in total dependence on goodwill and philanthropy of charitable Christians and the Church.

Primary and nursery education are available for the children as they are orphans abandoned and disowned and needing care, love, nurture, affection and hope for a better future.


President –
Vice President –


Rouben Houston

Rouben Houston

General Manager of Charitas

Rouben Houston

Rouben Houston

General Manager of Charitas

Rouben Houston

Rouben Houston

General Manager of Charitas

News from Information & Communication:

Orphanages (2012 Report)

CIDJAP coordinates the activities of two orphanages operated by the Catholic Diocese of Enugu, namely, the Guardian Angel Motherless Babies Home Emene, Enugu and the Motherless Babies Home Ogui, Enugu. The two homes to date have over one hundred babies whose affairs...

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